RPA Consulting and Advisory services

RPA Consulting and Advisory Services

All organizations today need digital automation for increasing revenue, lowering costs and improving customer experience.  Robotics is being used extensively for automating business processes with an intent to bring in greater pace, precision, flexibility & resilience.

 While Business Process Management (BPM) has significantly enabled the automation of business processes over the last decade or so, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is yet another giant step towards achieving this goal.

RPA aims to automate high volume, routine, mundane and repetitive human tasks by the use of a digital workforce – a scalable and reliable army of trained software robots – allowing humans to focus on more value-added work.

We at MindMap are in a unique position to offer RPA Consulting to our clients with our deep expertise and solutions on the combined prowess of BPM and RPA. We have consistently delivered as partners to our customers in their pursuit of process improvement.

RPA has been our primary weapon in pursuit of improved productivity, accuracy or reduced cost of doing business overall. We have consulted and implemented RPA solutions using UI Path, Automation Anywhere & Blue Prism. We are also helping organizations build competence on these tools so that RPA can have a large-scale implementation in the organizations and ROI increases with stable costs.

Our experience in RPA span from Insurance processes to the BFSI industry to BPOs. Organizations are under the constant pressure of increasing cost and something needs to be done to drastically improve productivity or alternatively reduce the cost of doing repetitive things. We provide consulting in Automation and drive projects hand-in-hand with clients to facilitate the same.

At MindMap, we assess the level of the digital readiness of your company, prepare a unique road map of digital transformation and help you get digitally prepared for a whole new world of speed, ease, and delight for you and your customers.

The  Digital era has opened up a world of possibilities and opportunities to reinvent business models and transform consumer interaction, whether it is online shopping or mobile apps, digital experiences have become a standard part of our daily lives. MindMap helps companies harness these digital technologies to ensure growth opportunities to the company as well as a delight to its customers with heightened convenience and customization options.

MindMap will help establish automation governance. Our experienced RPA experts will help build out the RPA program. We will work with to oversee planning and deployment, identify potential opportunities and roadblocks and help solve problems in real-time.

Value Proposition

  • We help our customers to “Work Smartest” and to improve their capabilities through automation.
  • We help our customers to bring tangible ROI benefits to our customers via Process Automation.​​​
  • We help our customers to align their processes to the market’s expectations.​​
  • We help our customers to free-up Human Capital to perform higher value, more complex activities and to position our customers to compete in the Digital Marketplace.


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