RPA Implementation

RPA Implementation

We at MindMap work alongside our clients to ensure they realize their strategic visions, whether they involve driving and adopting complex business transformations, emerging technologies or disruptive business models as new sources of growth and competitive differentiation.

We orchestrate the necessary partners and teams, both internally and externally, who can get the job done. Our guidance extends along the course of the journey to ensure a continual focus on progress and execution. Included in our services is support in becoming equipped to change. All this is done with the goal of getting to lasting value fast.

As an RPA expert, we partner with organizations to help them achieve their objectives from automation initiatives. We provide the end to end services for automating the Business Process as well as the IT operations. We offer advance capabilities like RPA, Chat bot, Machine Learning and rapid API integrations. We provide services throughout the RPA  journey, from defining the strategy to continuous improvement and innovation, implementation, automation, integration and support.

Tap into our comprehensive view of the market, problem solving skills, and objective, unbiased guidance to help you realize your vision of achieving strategic value in Automation for your company.

 While working on Automation Projects for our client organisations, we address the following concerns that arise:

RPA Strategy and Feasibility Assessment

How do we align automation program with enterprise goals & objectives, cost & compliance, to delivering better service to your customers?

How do we gain first hand knowledge via Automation feasibility analysis & suggest right fit Automation tool?

How do we identify opportunities for Automation & build the Automation book of work with a plan for early successes & maximum value?

Strategy Execution

How do we determine the correct Automation metrics to measure our ongoing progress?

How do we equip the organization to address the needed Automation change and transformation?

How do we help our organization stay focused on the bigger picture as we implement our strategy?

How do we develop an adequate talent pipeline to support our plan years from now?

Sourcing Advisory

How do we effectively design and contract for service delivery models that anticipate the next wave in automation, digitalization, and other technology innovations?

How do we manage our service delivery models in the short and long term?

Transition Management

What do we need to do to lower transition costs and the duration of the Automation project implementation?

How will our internal processes need to change as a result of this solution?

What talent model shifts should we be anticipating as we implement our strategy?

BOT Creation and Deployment

MindMap implementation methodology adopts an informational, process redesign approach to achieve maximum benefits from RPA, including project management, setting up support infrastructure, knowledge transition & managed services for BOT maintenance.

We include use of indigenous RPA toolkit to fast-track implementation, ensure minimum hand-offs, function independent templates and real-time analytics for project health, success measures & benefits reporting.


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