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Resume which Guarantees Job

Will a fresher ever think that his personal and academic details on a piece of paper can be one of the reasons for getting his first job in MNC?

As per study it has been observed that majority of the fresher’s focus on the rounds of interview and prepare for Aptitude and Technical domain. Upon completion of studies one should first prioritize required action items and then take tasks individually in order to complete it with ease and perfection.

There are multiple things to be done by a fresher like creating a simple and impactful profile which should be impressive and guarantee themselves a licence to proceed for further round of interview. Profile should not be crowded with words or tables, It should not be a replica of an mini-biography which gives recruiter unsought info like complete family details with fathers occupation, number of siblings etc

Personal Details:

A job seeker needs to draft his profile (which he tends to submit it to recruiter for interview) in a word format with limited personal details like Name, Date of Birth, Contact no, Email ID, linked-in ID, Father’s name and residence address with area PIN code.

Alternate contact number is always preferred in case your personal number is not reachable due to any reasons.

Academic Details:

It is always recommended to keep the order of education details in such a way that highest qualification remains on top and then its preceding degree follows till Xth standard.

  • Never miss to mention your specialization in graduation and for fresh engineers please avoid using acronym like ECE, EEE etc.
  • Year of completion for each academic qualification is to be mentioned, however aggregate percentage is not required- it might give a wrong image of yours in recruiters mind even before he speaks a word with you

Project Details:

Applicable only if you are an Engineer or you have done a project in final year which gave you academic scores.

  • Start with Project Heading and then mention software or platform used in execution of the project
  • Give a brief summary of 2 to 3 lines about the project stating its application in real life, merits and its importance
  • In separate bullet please make sure you provide a note of YOUR Role in the project, what you did for the completion of the project? Keep it short and simple , it should not be more than 2 lines

 Technical Skills:

As a fresher almost all Job seekers tend to impress recruiter by all available means.

Just imagine YOU have mentioned skills which is much in demand, without even knowing basics about it and recruiter asks couple of questions about that particular topic and you are dumb no idea what to answer ? You literally dug your own grave.

Hence to avoid such embarrassing situations, follow principle of Honesty and mention those skills Only in which you are competent.

Personal Skills | Strengths:

This section is named as personal skills but still it’s meant for a professional evaluation of yours.

Be careful about anything you write as strength in this section. At any point of time you might be asked by recruiter to explain or justify with a real life example.

Make sure that you don’t pile up list of all qualities, its ok if you write 4 to 5 good qualities in bullet format in this section.


In this section it is ok to mention one liner statement (Can take help of Google) stating that above furnished information is true.

Mention your name in Bold and please sign the resume with date of interview mentioned, and then submit resume to Recruiter.

Finally I would like to provide few points which are to be kept in mind by both fresher’s and experienced folks.

  • Please have your latest passport size professional photograph inserted in your profile on the top right side
  • Make sure the font size and format is consistent throughout the profile for all normal words, headings , sub-headings ( if any )
  • Borders in the page makes profile look better
  • While sending soft copy of profile make sure YOU save it in pdf format and then share it via email- as the saved format might not reflect as it is in the recruiter’s computer/laptop.
  • Freshers should ensure that their profile is not exceeding one page

 And yes when your profile is ready to be shared with recruiters, now must  focus on the next priorities like understanding of Job description, knowing about company’s background you applying for and many other such important things.

Good Luck to ALL Job Seekers, feel free to connect with us anytime for any guidance for Resume building or for any job opportunities.


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