Hiring services (3-levels)

Lateral Hiring

Lateral hiring delivered for pan India requirements

  • Team centralized in Hyderabad location – Unique requirements, talent pool mapping done for critical BPS related required.
  • Team of 25+ Full time recruiters with exclusive experience in only. BPS related hiring.
  • Turnaround of 48 hours with 3-4 strong profiles for all indents shared.
  • Achieved 25-30% of vendor market share for all critical clients –been Number 1 performing vendor consistently for over 5 years.

Direct Hiring

Support in direct hiring of resources based on domain expertise/skillsets. Support in direct hiring of voice/ domain req.

Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full time positions with benefits.

A direct hire position is one in which the client company utilizes the staffing company to find the talent, then hires them directly.

Contractual Hiring

MindMap supporting requirements across Training managers, Voice coaches, F&A Training managers, SOP writers, ERP trainers etc.

Contractual hiring is a term used for hiring temporary manpower who work on a contract basis.

The contract period is fixed and the company has the discretion to terminate or continue the engagement after completion of the period

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