MindMap Certified Advanced RPA Professional Course

Program Components and Training Methodology:

  • 20 hours access to self paced eLearning content
  • 40 hours WebEx based workshops
  • Flexible timings and multiple batches with recorded sessions for ease of reference and access
  • Access to real live sandbox for RPA tools for practice in a simulated environment
  • 2 case studies and graded projects submitted by the participants
  • Best in class faculty from the industry with
  • experience of finance digital transformation
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    Program Curriculum

    • Understanding RPA and how has RPA evolved and how does it work – understanding all possible use cases and implementation case studies
    • Initial Process Assessment  : Identifying which processes can/cannot be automated and creating an RPA business case with ROI and justification of the RPA use case
    • Understanding RPA tools : Comparing between various tools and overview of UIPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Understanding which tool to be used when and the comparative advantages and disadvantages
    • RPA Tool deep dive : Learning Automation Anywhere end to end within a F&A context for FP&A, Accounting, invoice processing, taxation and other F&A scenarios. The participants will learn to create bots for each of these areas from scratch
    • Deploying RPA and RPA strategy : How to create an RPA COE and a comprehensive RPA strategy for your clients and your organization – how to win with RPA

    Certification : All participants will be given MindMap Certified Advanced Finance RPA Expert Certificates upon completing the course and passing the final assessment within three attempts with 60%+ passing marks.



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