MindMap Certified Advanced RPA Professional Course


Program Name

Certified Advanced RPA Professional Programme

Program Description

The Certified advanced RPA Finance Professional is a 40 hour program specially for CAs and other finance professionals who want to learn and use RPA in their audit, accounting, taxation, FP&A and other F&A functions.

We’ve already trained more than 1000 finance professionals in RPA who have implemented RPA in their business functions and have transformed their advisory functions and other processes. The participants will go through an intensive 40 hour workshop where they will learn the fundamentals of process assessment, designing and creating a bot, deploying and measuring benefits and creating an organizational RPA COE

Program Components and Training Methodology:

  • 20 hours access to self paced eLearning content
  • 40 hours WebEx based workshops
  • Flexible timings and multiple batches with recorded sessions for ease of reference and access
  • Access to real live sandbox for RPA tools for practice in a simulated environment
  • 2 case studies and graded projects submitted by the participants
  • Best in class faculty from the industry with
  • experience of finance digital transformation

Program Curriculum

  • Understanding RPA and how has RPA evolved and how does it work – understanding all possible use cases and implementation case studies
  • Initial Process Assessment  : Identifying which processes can/cannot be automated and creating an RPA business case with ROI and justification of the RPA use case
  • Understanding RPA tools : Comparing between various tools and overview of UIPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. Understanding which tool to be used when and the comparative advantages and disadvantages
  • RPA Tool deep dive : Learning Automation Anywhere end to end within a F&A context for FP&A, Accounting, invoice processing, taxation and other F&A scenarios. The participants will learn to create bots for each of these areas from scratch
  • Deploying RPA and RPA strategy : How to create an RPA COE and a comprehensive RPA strategy for your clients and your organization – how to win with RPA

Certification : All participants will be given MindMap Certified Advanced Finance RPA Expert Certificates upon completing the course and passing the final assessment within three attempts with 60%+ passing marks

Batch Type : Online Batch

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