Medical Scribe


Medical Scribe

Online medical documentation training that is thorough and reasonably priced is offered through our Medical Scribe Training System. Only with the proper assistance, which comes from our knowledgeable instructors, especially in the subject of healthcare, does real learning occur.

This instructor-led training is meticulously curated and put together based on the needs of our clients, just like all of our other training. This is the reason it is also very useful while working on special problems in real time.

 Since 2012, people and organizations from all around the nation have benefited from our Training Program  to study the many subjects and standards-based professional abilities needed to start working as medical scribes.


Our Profile

  • Pioneers in Train, Hiring, Deploy Model.
  • Delivered over 10,000+ trained, Certified with over 70% placement.
  • Pan India presence (12+ locations).
  • Delivering academy model for Healthcare, Insurance, BFS, F&A, and Com Tech.
  • Strong integration with Universities, Colleges, and Government Skills Initiatives.
  • Strong Client base in the Healthcare segment.
  • Practical hands-on learning experience blended with the eLearning platform.

Academy Execution Framework

  • Program Collaboration.
  • Program Structure – Location, Hiring, Training.
  • Technology enabled Learning Pedagogy.
  • Program Management.



MindMap Candidate sourcing for Medical scribing

Through our refresher training boot camp, where we upskill and reskill these resources in medical scribing over 8-12 weeks, we look for life science graduates who are interested in taking on medical scribing as job profiles.

Currently, there are more than 12 MindMap Sourcing Centers, and we are rapidly growing (Hyderabad, Vizag being the centre for TS and AP).

In the near future, we intend to grow to Coimbatore, Kolkata, and Chennai, particularly for training in medical coding. To find applicants for our programmes in intensive medical scribing with practice, we make use of large data, campus connections, direct marketing, and digital marketing.

To increase momentum and volume across the entire state, we want to implement two to three initiatives for state skills partnerships, such as capital TASK in Telangana and APSSDC in AP.

With universities and colleges, we have co-launched standardised programmes and are the owners of numerous collaborations. Through integrated curriculum and electives, we aim to enrol, certify, and acquire pre-placement offers from final-year students. 

Benefits and usage of our Medical Scribe Training Systems

Our Medical Scribe Training Systems are professional

With the aid of our knowledgeable instructors, who have a combined experience of more than 30 years, we are aware of how difficult the documentation load may be. Our content is continually improved under the guidance of real medical professionals.

Medical Documentation isn’t just for scribes

Many members of the healthcare team, including scribes, transcriptionists, medical assistants, medical students beginning rotations, and even practitioners from other nations unfamiliar with US systems, benefit from mastering the patient note.
A variety of abilities are required for medical documentation, therefore you should seek out mentors with relevant experience. Our courses are thoughtfully selected based on customer needs, and they are taught by knowledgeable trainers who will impart their invaluable knowledge to you.

The history of the patient comes first

A discrete process is used by Medical Scribe Training Systems to write a persuasive history of a current illness (HPI). As the instructor-led training starts, our trainers will walk the user through a process step by step while gradually increasing the level of complexity.
The emphasis on writing an HPI is maintained in each succeeding unit, and information on system reviews, physical examinations, and typical acute-care concerns is included. Students are encouraged to put these techniques into practice through interactive modules along the way.

Real-time interactive Instructor-led training

Our instructors give lessons in real-time, answer questions, and help you get ready for interviews throughout.  Additionally, they adhere to our Client’s standards for course content, so you are aware of everything you need to know in order to be hired.

MindMap makes training enjoyable by including a variety of videos and tests. Users will observe a comprehensive simulation of a patient encounter and complete a full medical note with an emphasis on a tidy HPI. 

Scribe Training Overview

  • Best-in-class Training methodology: Instructor-led classroom training  usually for around 8 – 12 weeks supported by online learning .
  • Comprehensive Program Coverage Carefully curated course curriculum depending on client requirements.
  • Additional Practice scenarios: After every module, a practice scenario is included so the candidates know the usage of theoretical information.
  • Unique Assessment methodology: Along with pre-assessment of the candidates based on MCQ-based questions, we monitor participation, growth and learning throughout and at the end of the course.
  • Medical scribe certification: A combined certificate from our client and MindMap to be provided on successful completion of the training
  • Placement guidance: Top-to-end placement guidance and mentoring provided to trainees

Mindmap Scribe Courses

Candidates who complete MindMap training will be ready to work as medical scribes in a range of clinical settings. The essentials of the medical scribe profession, such as typical presenting symptoms and the fundamentals of medical recordkeeping, will be taught to you.

You will be aware of what is expected of you before your first day on the job as you are placed once you have finished this training. To help you remember what you learned, quizzes are given after lessons.

In order to improve your understanding of scribing in a particular area of medicine, we provide specialized training in a range of clinical fields that builds on the General course.


  • Common presenting symptoms and conditions
  • Screening, testing and treatment options
  • Introductory anatomy and physiology
  • Terminology and abbreviations
  • Scribe duties & scope of practice
  • Medical documentation
  • The SOAP note
  • Medications
  • Practice clinical scenarios

Candidates who complete our family medicine scribe programme are ready to work as medical scribes in primary care settings. As a medical scribe, you will record appointments for wellness or preventative care as well as cases of severe disease.

You will be aware of what you will expect of yourself prior to your first day on the job once you have finished this course. To help you remember what you learned, quizzes are given after lessons.


  • Preventative care and annual wellness visits
  • Common presenting symptoms and conditions
  • Monitoring chronic conditions over time
  • Screening, testing and treatment options
  • Short and long-term medications
  • Terminology and abbreviations
  • Practice clinical scenarios

You will be prepared to work as a medical scribe in the field of orthopaedics after completing this course. You will gain knowledge about a wide range of orthopaedic issues, including handling chronic illnesses, treating accidental accidents, treatments or surgery, and follow-up care. 


  • Focused anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system
  • Common orthopaedic symptoms and conditions
  • Screening, testing and treatment options
  • Orthopedic procedures and surgeries
  • Orthopedic medications
  • Orthopedic terminology and abbreviations
  • Practice orthopaedic scenarios

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