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GLOBAL MANUFACTURING GIANTThe company is a market leader in manufacturing foundry equipment


Facing the turmoil of increasing costs, the company wished to reduce the operating overheads and digitize its enterprise to increase the competitiveness. After an initial assessment, it was estimated RPA can save around 40% of the costs. This was to be achieved by taking the financial activities of Accounts Payable Invoice processing and deploying an End-to-End solution

The Solution deployed changed our processes and enabled us to use our workforce a lot more effectively. This has resulted in significant savings and enabled us to manage an increase in business.

– Managing Director, Finance


After completing an initial Pilot showcasing how the technology can be leveraged, MindMap Consulting deployed a full-scale RPA solution which automated the Invoice Processing from downloading the invoices from a 24×7 monitored mailbox to the entry in Oracle EBS. The entire Accounting process was modernized which made sure that the team spent their time in more value-added activities.


Reduction in processing time




Reduction in errors


Work shifts for RPA bots


Savings in 2019


The usual trend in the industry for achieving ROI


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