MindMap eLearning – Knowledge SimplifiedCreating the perfect environment for Learning

MindMap E-Learning engages world class learning pedagogy leveraging animations, story-boarding and gamified assessments.

Simplified and customizable performance dashboard at candidate level, batch level and program level.

Creation of Simulated data entry environments or simulated software environments integrated with the E Learning package for effective hands on practice.

Diverse learning tools integrated into E-Learning methodology,

  • Animations: Graphical learning approach keeps learners engaged,
  • Scribbles: Power point with voice overs provides detailed process walk-through,
  • Topic summaries: Transcripts, reading material supplements videos,
  • In-video assessments: Mini assessments linked to each topic to assess gaps,
  • In-topic, Interim and final assessments: Learn, assess, relearn and certify.
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