Company overview

MindMap Consulting was founded with a value system focused on being customer centric and delivering to the common goals of growing businesses. We are fastly expanding our service offering catering to the unique needs of our clientale. Our breath of services span across Recruitment, Training and Accounting services.

Our founders bring extensive experience in their area of expertise and have been well-recognized thought leaders in the industry. MindMap blends the experience of their leadership circle with trusted advice from their independent board to ensure customer centricity and value addition to its clients.

MindMap was founded with a vision to bring simplified, transparent solutions to our clients and to be their trusted partner in the field of Recruitment, Training & Acccounting services.

These alliances are at the crux of our philosophy to ensure quality and effectiveness of our delivery and also executes our promise of:

  • Offering industry relevant training programs with a strong career path and active market demand.
  • Bringing Industry buy-in into program design and curriculum for stronger momentum.
  • Ensuring the right interventions by best in class trainers, SMEs and industry experts.
  • Delivering job ready trained resources to the industry improving costs to deployment.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Mindmap Consulting office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.


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