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Collections process is a long and tedious process which involves coordination with multiple departments and a constant back and forth of the information. Due to this the team spent hours in understanding the reasons for specific deduction in their cash applications process including checking with the Vendor, Vendor Master Data, Sales Team and more resulting in hours wasted in completing one transaction.

The team at Mindmap Consulting worked with the accounts team to not only identify and map out the workflow but also improve on the existing process by deploying an analytics engine which would help predict the code used for specific transactions. The system also categorized the transaction based on lot of pre-fed data which was used for further analytics before crunching the numbers in SAP

7 days

Days were spent on an average in completing one transaction including the follow-ups with customers and relevant departments.

1 Day

Post RPA deployment Turn Around Time. The automated process reduced the processing time to less than 10 mins.

6 Months

Time to Deployment


Transactions Per Day


Reduction in errors


Bots Round the clock workforce


Reduction in Turn-Around-Time


Increase in Efficiency

4 Months

Return on Investment

Increase in the volume of transactions processed

Increase in team productivity

Work redirected to more value-add activities


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